10 instant happies: Wedding prep and other mentionables.

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Long time, no write--right? 

There's actually been a lot going on lately. Aside from being sick last week--which kept me disabled from doing anything useful--I have wedding-plan frenzy going on. It's gotten to the point where I am taking my diet and workouts completely serious since the wedding's in 10 weeks. Yeeek.

Adam bought me the Brazil Butt Lift for my birthday. (So romantic, right?) It's been totally kicking my ass--and it's completely worth it. I have Turbo Fire, a different Beachbody workout, and the results were amazing. But: I didn't really have fun with that program because the moves and trainer didn't really relate to me. I was bored easily. So far, I adore Leandro's workouts. He's such a total dork who is super positive and prefers dance moves with "Brazilian" flare. I can't understand him half the time, and I think that's why I love it. For instance, during the Cardio Axe workout he says, "I ama havin soa mooch fawnn!" That is, I am having so much fun. And then he does this smile that makes him look special. (Look to your left.) Plus, he's guiding other people rather than being a trainer out of breath by talking the entire time while working out. It's much better because you receive more direction that way. Although I need to work my back and tummy for the wedding, I want ze booty (as Leandro calls it) to be summerlicious for our honeymoon to St. Martin in June. 

To bring attention to the aformentioned yeek: Every weekend is pretty much booked before the wedding. It shows you how close it's coming. I'm going skiing at Snow Bown, then off to Napa for a family bachlorette party, then the final fitting with make-up and hair, then my bridal shower, then the final meeting with the event people... My, my.

On another completely non-wedding-related note, I submitted a personal article to Thought Catalog and it's been published. So read my soul away with "Why It's Okay To Be (Hugely) Self-Conscious." Warning: It's more from a career perspective. Anyway, let me know what you think!

It's been a month, so here are fresh instant happies that will, hopefully, get ya goin.'
1. Love these personalized name hangers as a bridesmaid gift.
2. I've been juicing/blending and found a really awesome recipe called "Energizing Green Juice" from Augusta Speaks.
3. Connected underwear that will turn you on. Ridiculous. As in ridiculously entertaining and incredibly odd.
4. How to stop being an overly sensitive employee and work with a boss you hate. You can relate to this even if it's a co-worker you mildly dislike. C'mon, we all have em.
5. We are not here to fix each other. Watch the video in the email. So good!
7. Maiedae now has blogger templates. Yayyy!
8. I just really like this song. And the music video is cute, too.



  1. Enjoy those last few weeks up to your special day, easier said than done ... definitely take a little down time before the big day :)

  2. That Brazil Butt Lift looks fun! I don't like it when the people on the DVDs are too perky/excited, but I'm digging your comments about this dude! Could be cool to try.

    I looooove those blog templates! Beautiful.

    Sending you so much luck and energy as you enter the home stretch! Relax as much as you possibly can and remember to try to find the fun in this process.

    The Rambling Fangirl