Winter Loves

It has been a thoroughly chaotic catch-up week. 

Short breakdown: doctor's, strep, hospital, strep, grading, Adam's holiday party, Adam's father's visit, The Hobbit, mas grading, and now here. 

Fantastically interesting, I know.

There are three more days left of teaching and I'm hinging between feeling somewhat melancholic to somewhat excited. Wednesday marks the last day of teaching. Thursday is binge holiday shopping. Friday and Saturday are Napa and San Francisco. And I have a suspicious feeling that Sunday will be a glorious rest up day in pajamas.


For now, I've been listening to a few of my favorite "winter" songs with a playlist dubbed Winter Loves. If you had to listen to any song, I would definitely suggest Foals' Spanish Sahara. It's pretty emblematic of what I love about music.

Fellow music junkies: enjoi. With an i.


  1. Feel better soon! (I'm sure you'll be glad once you,re on vacation).

  2. you look a little bit like Zooey Deschanel in this picture :)
    I like your music taste.
    do you want follow by mutual?